理学院 and Technology

信息学 and Engineering Systems

数学 and 计算机科学

Natural Science and Engineering




的 理学院 and Technology houses three academic units whose missions and academic programming are all focused on STEM fields:  

  • 的 Department of 信息学 and Engineering Systems, housed on the second floor of the Media Building, offers bachelor’s degrees in information management and systems, 卫生信息学, engineering technology management, and advanced manufacturing management. A master’s degree in informatics is also offered. 的re is a CAHIIM-accredited degree option for the bachelor’s in information management and systems, and the engineering technology management bachelor’s degree is ABET-accredited. 
  • 的 Division of 数学 and 计算机科学 offers bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, computer science, and computer information systems. 的 computer science degree is ABET-accredited. In addition to a teaching computer lab, this unit also houses a networking lab and a Linux lab on the second floor of the GB Hodge Center.
  • 的 Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering offers bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry as well as general education and support courses in geology, 天文学, 和物理. Students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions will find advising tracks in pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, pre-physician助理, and pre-optometry as part of both biology and chemistry degrees. 的 Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry is approved by the American Chemical Society. 的re are also options for a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and a concentration in forensic science. Cutting edge scientific equipment is used in both the teaching and research laboratories housed in the Smith Science Building.